Managed IT Services

We help mitigate the risk associated with daily IT management through a process of proactive platform management, health checks, and change control.

Offload daily stress so you can drive strategic initiatives

Focus on what matters most

Our approach frees up your internal IT teams to dedicate their time to strategy and planning that drive more value for your organization.

Extend your capabilities

At the heart of our managed IT services is the relationship between your team and ours. We take a collaborative approach that makes us feel like an extension of your team.

Realize higher ROI

By leaving daily IT management to our expert team, you don’t burn as many cycles managing changing requirements and evolving technology.

We provide peace of mind with skilled IT professionals who help keep your business productive


We help you take advantage of innovative cloud solutions through readiness assessments, migration services, and ongoing operational support to ensure uninterrupted services.


Our meeting and correspondence offerings ensure you stay connected with reliable communication. Our flexible packages include setup & support services, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and cloud-connected PSTN.


We help keep the bad guys out through proactive vulnerability scans, patch management, and multi-factor authentication to ensure only those with permission get access.


Limit the complexity that comes with infrastructure management by letting the Charter team take care of everything from backups, to security patching, to upgrade cycles, and more.

Mitigate risk with proactive reporting and rapid issue detection

Remote Monitoring and Management

We provide 24 x 7 x 365 real-time event and alarm reporting across all your organization’s managed infrastructure. Our systematic process ensures rapid identification and classification of events to ensure we can move towards a resolution.

Network Operations Center Access

Enjoy 24 x 7 x 365 access to the team of experts in our Network Operations Center via phone, email, or online portal. When you need assistance, you talk to a real person and your cases are assigned to an engineer within the hour.

Proactive Platform Management

With the pace of technology change, it can be easy to fall behind current trends and requirements. Through ongoing health checks and reviews, we work with you to proactively grow and modernize your operations.

Emerging IT Services

Our emerging IT services drive the innovation engine at Charter. From design to operationalization, our team can support your efforts in digitization and cloud, DevOps, and enablement.

Managed DNS Security

With Charter Managed DNS Security, you can effectively manage your organization's internet access using more than 85 category-based content filters. It's simple to customize what domains and content your organization has access to.

Secure Connected Worker

Supporting and securing your organizational endpoint devices that can include laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Help Desk Support Services are included to ensure when issues occur we are there to support you. This service protects your workers from any location and across devices to ensure complete protection against internet malicious websites, malicious files, phishing, and unwanted domains and applications.

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Additional Resources

Learn more about all the managed services available to your organization in these downloadable documents.

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We can help you mitigate the risk and time associated with daily IT management.