Cisco Gold Partner

The worldwide leader in networking for the internet.

An integral part of Cisco's DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships, working together to identify customers' needs and providing solutions that fuel their success.

With a track record dating back to 1984, Cisco technology serves as the networking foundation for service providers, small to medium businesses, and enterprise customers. 
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Charter is proud to be a Cisco Gold Partner. Achieving Gold status requires completing a significant number of specializations, authorizations, and partner designations, as well as performing at a high level.

Gold Partners have the broadest knowledge of all Cisco technologies and can sell and deploy products and software solutions in Security, Networking, Collaboration, Data Center, and also offer hybrid IT services.

" Charter truly is the easy-button, especially in these unprecedented times, that enables workforces and workplaces to securely connect and automate with insights for all customers."
Deborah Telford, Partner Account Manager, Canada, Cisco
Maintaining our specializations and certifications mean our team is always deeply informed about Cisco's entire technology stack so we can serve all your Cisco needs.

Charter's Cisco specializations include: Advanced Collaboration Architecture, Advanced Data Center Architecture, Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture, Advanced Security Architecture, Customer Experience, and Express Specialization.

Work with Charter and Cisco today.