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From global enterprises and high-profile sports leagues, to small towns and college campuses, Extreme customers all have one thing in common: unmatched agility thanks to a network that helps them digitally transform the way they operate.
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We're proud to be one of two Black Diamond Partners in Canada.

The Extreme Black Diamond Specialization Program is designed to recognize an exclusive group of partners who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to Extreme Networks solutions by making significant investments of time and resources in obtaining the skills and expertise in multiple technologies and solutions.

The intent of the program is to reward partners for building their capacity and resources to support Extreme Networks Solutions. Partners that have achieved all program requirements (3 Extreme Master Specializations) will be awarded with a Black Diamond specialized status.

"Charter's focus and effort in everything from training and engagement to marketing and technical expertise make them an excellent partner. We have regular, mutual engagement and value what each other brings to the table."
Jeremiah Shea,
Canadian Channel Manager, Extreme
The Charter team has worked extremely hard to gain and maintain our expertise in the technology Extreme offers. We're proud to be one of two Black Diamond achievers as well as one of two PartnerWorks partners in Canada.

We have specializations in EXOS, Fabric, Core and Cloud Wireless, Management, and NAC. Our Master Campus and Master Edge specializations also mean we're experts in: Cloud, Management & Automation, ExtremeSwitching, and ExtremeWireless.

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