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We are driven to inspire and help our customers achieve their goals and aspirations. Our purpose is to build better organizations through the alignment of people, process and technologies driving more effective communications, increasing operational performance, and modernize their business.

Since our founding, we’ve been highly focused on driving successful outcomes for our customers. Charter brings a “do whatever it takes attitude” to work. We combine this attitude with a highly skilled, deeply trained and committed team that is focused on solving complex business challenges with innovative solutions that simplify the business of IT.
Our team of professionals utilizes their expertise, business architecture methodology, leading technologies and a human-centered approach that drives successful digital transformation for our customers. We’re honoured to design, operate and support some of the most critical networks in Canada and around the globe.

Our commitment to sustainability

As part of Charter's founding core operating principles, Sustainability and social responsibility have been core pillars. Since our inception, Charters' Founder Paul Chandler has ensured that initiatives for being better stewards of our community and environment are top of mind.

We are intentional about Sustainability: Sustainability is incorporated into our strategies and reflected in our business goals and objectives. We strive to leave every environment we engage in better than when we arrived. We look for opportunities to repurpose our client's old equipment and, when not feasible, work with our client to identify recycling options. This means making this a priority in every aspect of our organizational operations.

We partner with our Employees: Charter has implemented a "Hybrid Work" structure for all staff. This initiative has dramatically reduced the environmental footprint of daily commuting from our team and reduced their time spent in rush hour traffic. We are constantly soliciting additional ideas from our employees for resource conservation.  

Water Conservation: We all participate in conserving our water by reducing the opportunities for wasting this valuable resource. We utilize energy-efficient faucets and toilets in all our facilities.

Supply Chains: We work with our suppliers and distribution partners to work towards developing a circular economy. We make it a priority to use organizations that embrace sustainable business practices.

Circular Economic Sustainability: In addition to prioritizing our partners' efforts to deliver more sustainable business models, we also work with our customers to provide technology recycling programs that dramatically reduce waste destined for landfills. We strive to deliver solutions with higher "upcycled" and recycled components while reducing first-use plastics and a strategy to reduce Styrofoam packaging.

In-House Recycling Program: We have developed an in-house program for recyclable products like fluorescent lightbulbs, electronics, computers and monitors, paper products, and supplies.

Energy-efficient products wherever possible: We look for energy-efficient electronic products and use environmentally friendly settings on all office and network equipment. We look to choose computer, electronic and IT acquisition products that ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

Leading by Learning: Charter has recently completed the construction of a new corporate headquarters on Vancouver Island. This initiative was designed to provide additional working space for our growing team and to provide an example of what environmental stewardship can look like in the enterprise space.

We have built the first Passive House, CLT Commercial Building in North America for our new Head Office. Passive House buildings consume up to 90 percent less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. Applicable to almost any building type or design, the Passive House high-performance building standard is the only internationally recognized, proven, science-based energy standard in construction. Certification ensures that designers and consultants are expertly qualified to design buildings to meet the standard. The benefits of employing Passive House standards include fine-tuned control over indoor air quality and temperature with simple-to-use and durable systems, making them extremely quiet and comfortable throughout the changing seasons. Passive House (Passivhaus) is at the foundation of how we feel better on a day-to-day basis at work.

Our Headquarters

When first embarking on the journey of designing a new headquarters (HQ) for Charter, we wanted to transform our values into a tangible form embodied through our new building. We had three main goals:

Value to our clients
. To encapsulate the value we provide to our clients, we opted to showcase our innovation by creating a “smart” building that utilizes our ingenuity. Values such as, more effective communication, better space utilization, and increased efficiencies to the overall business.

More creative, happy, healthy staff. The building is designed to foster innovation and collaboration among staff in an environment they love coming to work in.

Environmentally sustainable and responsible. The most difficult goal we had was creating a space that's sustainable and environmentally responsible; a representation of our Forward, Together strategy from a community perspective.

We landed on building a Passive House Certified HQ. This standard allowed us to check all the boxes we'd hoped from a “physical building” perspective. To understand why this design and certification is important to our environment, our sustainability, and our future, check out passivehousecanada.com

Meet Charter's Leadership Team

Paul Chandler
Founder & CEO
Paul has served as CEO since he founded Charter in 1997. Under his leadership, Charter has recognized double digit growth every year since its incorporation.
Kelly Michell
Kelly Michell has been President of Charter since 2012. He is responsible for driving the company’s vision and direction as well as overseeing Charter’s operations.
Sherrey McGowan
Chief Financial Officer
Sherrey leads Charter’s finance, order management, and logistics teams. She's also responsible for internal and external reporting, compliance with government and regulatory bodies, and strategic decision making.
Kegan Adams
Chief Operations Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Kegan Adams’ primary areas of accountability are to translate the Company’s strategy into actionable performance and growth goals and to ensure Charter continues to enhance its high performance, People- Centric team environment.
Ronnie Scott
Chief Technology Officer
In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Ronnie works closely with the entire Charter team, our customers and our partners, to leverage the best Technology has to offer, with the goal of improving all of our businesses resilience, efficiency and productivity.
Ryan Abel
Chief Revenue Officer
As Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan is responsible for driving Charter's national sales strategy for delivering innovative technology solutions for our customers.
Devin Chappell
Director of Sales Engineering
As the director of Sales Engineering, Devin works with the engineering teams to ensure that Charter’s clients are being provided with inventive and reliable technology solutions that align with their organizational objectives.
Steven Kinsey
EVP, Strategy & Innovation
As Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning, Steven works with the executive, sales, engineering and operations teams to build and execute Charter’s Run, Grow and Transform plans.
David Clarkson
VP, People & Culture
As Vice President of People and Culture, David is responsible to build an effective and efficient people and culture management function within the organization. The goal of the function is to drive a high performing, best place to work culture whilst enabling the business to grow and develop new solutions for the market. ‍

Our team is fundamental to our success

We're always looking for motivated individuals who are passionate about technology.