IT Staff Augmentation

Utilize our talent to minimize operational costs while maximizing your productivity and efficiency. Our staff augmentation services enable you to select the skills you need the most, when you need them.

Drive better outcomes with our staff augmentation services

Experience Matters

Utilizing Charters’ team of professionals mitigates the traditional need for training or assistance. Our skilled resource team allows you to assign projects and tasks confidently. Simply assign projects and tasks as needed, and an augmented staffer or team will be able to deliver the results you need promptly.

The skills you need when you need them

Whether you need help with a particular project, or a task completed for your entire business, you won’t need to hire one person and hope they have the right expertise for the job. We facilitate the ability to pick and choose the right person with the right skill set.

Reduce costs, not quality

A permanent hire will probably not be cost-effective if you only require someone for a few weeks or a few months. Between the salary, benefits, and tax expenses, even a single full-time worker gets expensive. Charter's augmented staffing allows you to engage a professional when you need one – without the long-term, costly commitment.

Accelerate project timelines

By augmenting your team with Charter resources, you're able to significantly accelerate your timelines. Our team of skilled experts mean you don't have to recruit, hire, and train new people for projects, saving you time and money.

Ultimate flexibility

Charter's Staff Augmentation gives you the ultimate flexibility. We offer both short- and long-term options for engaging our staff augmentation team, providing you with the ability to be nimble and spin up new initiatives faster.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

For more details about staff augmentation offering, check out this overview document.


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