Government IT Solutions

Charter works with government organizations to implement and manage large, complex networks. All levels of governments and government agencies trust Charter to deliver and manage their IT infrastructure.

A proven track record of delivering value to government organizations

Get more out of your budget

We understand the constraints you're under. We help you get the most value possible out of limited budgets.

Simplify compliance

Regulations drive much of how governments have to operate. Our team works with you to ensure that operations are in compliance.

Rely on trusted advice

Governments and government organizations across Canada benefit from our team of trusted advisors helping simplify their IT management.

Comprehensive solutions for all levels of government

Privacy & Security

Governments and government organizations deal with some of the most stringent privacy and security regulations. We offer carried-grade solutions that protect your key assets and data that are tailored to certain segments of your network.


Our solutions include voice and call centers, one number contacts, secure instant messaging, and high definition video and telepresence services such as Webex.

Data Centres

A secure and reliable data center is the backbone of your business. With solutions for 100 to 10,000+ users, you can offload the headache that often comes with managing data center computing and storage to our team of experts.

We can help you level up your government IT operations.