Charter Engage: Know IT

New podcast series highlights innovations, developments, and technologies in the IT Industry.

Kelly Michell, President, introduces the podcast series – Charter Engage: Know IT.
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Charter is pleased to present this series of podcasts to discuss various aspects of IT innovation, and how they are used to help organizations become future-ready. 

In this introductory episode, we hear welcoming words from Charter President, Kelly Michell, as he discusses the underlying premise for our podcast series, Charter Engage: Know IT.  

Charter's podcasts are designed to help businesses learn about industry advances through meetings and interviews with key IT leaders sharing their valuable real-world experience, successes, and learning moments, by discussing their use of different services, applications, and apparatus in the field.

Charter Engage: Know IT podcasts are scheduled to run monthly and are available on the top podcast platforms.

The Secure Connected Worker: Think Big (episode 1)

Join Charter CTO, Ronnie Scott and others to discuss the big trends that have emerged as part of the pandemic. Connected worker is part of the vernacular now, and has meant big shifts for organizations across industries. In the first episode, we unpack the true meaning of connected worker and how organizations should be thinking about it as we continue into 2023.

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The Secure Connected Worker: Solve Smart (episode 2)

In the second installment of our podcast, we can begin to dig into the more technical questions. These include “How would we?” along with “Does it make sense?” These two questions need to go hand-in-hand, as the cost may outweigh the benefit - but to know the cost we need to at least understand the solution.

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The Secure Connected Worker: Start Smart (episode 3)

In the third and final installment of the Charter Engage podcast, Charter CTO Ronnie Scott does a deep dive on an approach that drives an ideal outcome for the secure connected worker.

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Design Thinking - We Are All Designers!

This latest podcast covers how Design Thinking can aid in corporate digital transformation by using customer-focused empathy to create products and services that meet their needs. It covers theoretical and practical business problems, real-life customer scenarios, and advice on getting started and partnering with Charter.

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Moving Beyond Spreadsheets (episode 5)

This podcast explores, how in today's complex world, valuable insights require data. Spreadsheets have limitations in scalability, security, and analytics. New tools and platforms are needed for modern analytics beyond spreadsheets, allowing businesses to gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions while protecting sensitive data.

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