Healthcare IT Services

Charter enables a robust, reliable network backbone for healthcare operations across Canada. We work with all types of healthcare organizations - enabling everyone from the operating room to the admin office. 

Expertise for the most critical situations

15+ years of healthcare experience

We understand the importance of healthcare's unique IT needs -robust solutions that function seamlessly under
any circumstance.

Technical excellence

Our expertise and access to a comprehensive technology stack allows us to deliver world-class solutions for healthcare that you can rely on.

Extend your team

Your dedicated team acts as your trusted advisors on all things IT. You'll feel like we're an extension of your team.

Robust solutions, seamless connectivity


Connect seamlessly through video endpoints, allowing you deliver the best care possible. We make it easier than ever for a doctor at Victoria General to talk to a pediatrics specialist in Toronto.


Having a well-connected team is critical, particularly when lives are at stake. We deliver simplified, user-friendly communication tools to keep your teams connected at all times.

Privacy & Security

Individuals' healthcare data is the most sensitive information you can have about people, and keeping that data safe is paramount. We help you navigate the complex world of privacy and security.


It's an understatement to say that technology changes rapidly. Our team helps you plan your technology lifecycle to ensure you're working with the latest and greatest, without interruption.

We can help you deliver robust, secure healthcare IT solutions.