We've launched our Business Architecture practice

In 2021, the next normal is beginning to take shape. As our team at Charter looked back on 2020, we quickly realized the success that had created growth revolved largely around business transformation for our clients. We began with enabling our client’s staff to work from home, followed by securing their data, driving agility into their operations, creating highly effective environments for communication and collaboration among their teams and customers, and visualizing and utilizing their data.

Digital transformation has become critical for success - whether we appreciate it or not. Businesses are realizing the need to ensure their operations are agile and enabled to respond to rapidly changing customer expectations. Along with employee retention, experience challenges, time to market pressures, and even unexpected changes in the supply chain, it all needs digital transformation. Surviving and thriving in the next normal requires it.

This year Charter is formally launching our Business Architecture (BA) practice. This will be led by our Principal Business Architect, Wade Crick. We're focused on helping our customers achieve the possible through a consultative approach to building a digital business roadmap, centered on your stakeholders and your key business initiatives.

To us, digital transformation is not just about the disruption or the technology - it's about the value, your people, optimization, and helping you develop the capabilities to rapidly adapt when needed through the intelligent use of information and technology. Our BA practice is designed to develop 3 core values inside your business: a hyper awareness of your business, capabilities and customers; leveraging data to make informed decisions; and developing the ability to execute those decisions quickly.

Our Architecture and Innovation team works with your organization to identify the key initiatives to design a strategic business roadmap that harnesses the power of your people, processes, and technology. We aim to drive agility into your business and help you achieve your desired outcomes. Whether the goal is to improve business operations through automation, improving customer relations, attracting and retaining talent through better tools, skills and confidence, or mitigating risk and securing your digital transformation success, our team is ready to help.

Our passion for your success propels us forward, find out how we can help you achieve the possible!