Charter Announces Its Latest Podcast - Sustainability Roadshow 2.0

Senior members of Charter and Cisco introduce our Seminar/ Webinar on Business Transformation, on April 16th to discuss how Business Transformation’s three pillars of “technology, process, and people” can be successfully utilized to further business objectives in today’s market.

VICTORIA, BC — March 14h, 2024 - Charter Telecom, an award-winning technology solutions integrator established in 1997 in Victoria, BC, Canada, announced today the release of the latest edition in its regular Charter Engage: Know IT podcast series, called “Business Transformation in Action: A Roadmap to Delivering Better Outcomes.” 

Regardless of the industry you work in; whether it’s for profit, or not-for-profit, the commercial sector or the public sector, Business Transformation can enable you to deliver on the outcomes you desire. Our presentation will guide you through practical steps to begin that journey and achieve those outcomes.

We’ve scheduled a Live Seminar/ Webinar in Calgary on April 16th

All the details can be found on the Roadshow website -

Get to know some senior members of the Sustainability Roadshow team – Mark George, Charter’s Vice President, Business Transformation & Prairies Market Leader; Ronnie Scott, our Chief Technology Officer; and special guest, Roland Plett, Cisco’s; Global Leader for Energy & Mining as they discuss how to deal with digitization; provide real-life customer scenarios; and offer practical advice on what to do (and not to do) when it comes to sustainability. 

“In some cases, you’re already making changes from a productivity perspective, that because you're doing it in a digital form, rather than a more traditional form, it actually, by definition, becomes a bit more sustainable.”

- Roland Plett, Cisco, Global Leader for Energy & Mining

Listeners are welcome to explore with Charter, to learn about the latest technologies available and how they can help them become more forward-thinking and effective at work. Our team of experts is available for consultations about this topic and discussions about how we can assist companies across Canada to thrive.

Charter's belief in the integration of people, processes, and technology provides real value in transforming businesses while delivering on corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Those who like to read more about the subject can follow along with the corresponding transcript about our Sustainability Roadshow 2.0, found on Charter’s website –

The podcast will appear on all top podcast platforms. It can also be accessed through this link:

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Charter is an award-winning technology solutions integrator established in 1997 in Victoria, BC, Canada. Our mission is to align people, process, and technologies to build better organizations, enhance communication, boost operational performance, and modernize businesses. Leveraging a design thinking methodology and a human-centered approach, our team of experts drives successful business transformation for clients. Charter offers a comprehensive range of IT, OT, and IoT products and professional services, including advisory and consulting, project management, and managed services, providing end-to-end solutions from planning and design to ongoing support and implementation. We extend knowledge and support beyond our clients’ businesses, empowering them to focus on core operations. Charter helps organizations generate new value, drive growth, and unlock opportunities, enabling faster and more effective market entry. Forward, Together with Charter, achieving your potential.

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