Charter Announces New Podcast Series

Charter puts its years of industry experience to play in this new podcast series highlighting innovations, developments, and technologies in the IT Industry.

VICTORIA,March 6, 2023 — Charter Telecom, a leading IT reseller and services provider, announced today the release of its Charter Engage: Know IT podcast series, featuring industry experts discussing how recent technology is changing the digital landscape and how it's being utilized in the field - supported by real-world case studies. Each month, key members of Charter's team interview leading tech executives as they discuss what's worked, and what hasn't, across various industries not only in Canada, but all around the globe. Listeners are welcome to explore with Charter and their guests, to learn about new technology and how it can assist their business in capitalizing on best practices, gaining ROI, and preparing to be future ready.

The theme of the first podcast series, this month, is the Secure Connected Worker, delivered in segments each Monday - i) Think Big; ii) Solve Smart, and iii)Start Small. This series features Roland Plett, the Global Lead of the Energy and Mining industry solutions group for Cisco; Tim Workman, the Principal andStrategic Business Consultant for Presagient Solutions; and Ronnie Scott, theChief Technology Officer for Charter. This series will have blog posts that correspond to each podcast topic.

Charter Engage: Know IT Podcast details:

•The podcast is planned to be delivered monthly, with different themes presented throughout the year

•Each podcast will have a corresponding transcript available

•Time varies, but can run from 20 minutes to an hour in length

•The podcast is available on Apple, Google, and all top platforms

•Charter's staff are available for mentoring, business architecture, and solutions solving expertise

"There are really important messages around the three words we are using – Secure,Connected, Worker. And so, let's be very clear here. It's about the Worker. And while it’s the third word in the sentence, it’s about your people. And if you don't consider those people, and we don't consider how it's going to affect their day-to-day lives, you're going to potentially end up with disruption and dissatisfaction wherever those workers have to be."Ronnie Scott, Charter, Chief Technology Officer

Charter's belief in the integration of people, processes, and technology provides real value in transforming businesses while delivering on corporate ESG initiatives.

The podcast will appear on all the top podcast platforms.

About Charter

Founded in 1997, Charter is an award-winning solutions innovator known for providingConnectivity solutions that enable innovation and drive business transformation. Connectivity is required for all the smart devices that are now able to securely join the Internet plus it is foundational to the organization as it provides more data for business analysis while creating the opportunity for the workforce to collaborate much more effectively with ecosystem partners.

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