Charter Announces Its Latest Podcast – Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Charter and Cisco are working together to provide innovative IT and IIoT products and professional services to accelerate a move beyond spreadsheets.

VICTORIA, BC, June 8, 2023 — Charter Telecom, a leading IT reseller and services provider, announced today the release of the latest edition in its monthly Charter Engage: Know IT podcast series, called “Moving Beyond Spreadsheets.” It’s a compelling listen for any organization concerned with data-proofing their business.

The need for data is growing exponentially and spreadsheets may become too cumbersome to manage and are prone to errors and data inconsistencies, making them unsuitable for complex calculations, data analysis, and automation. Businesses today need real-time data and analysis so that they can pivot and address issues automatically.

In this episode, we explore some of the tools and platforms used today; reasons why businesses should move beyond spreadsheets; and advice to get started. Our guests include 40-year IT veteran and Principal with Corvelle Consulting, Yogi Schulz; Charter’s Principal Business Architect Wade Crick; Chief Technology Officer, Ronnie Scott; and the Director - Energy, Resources & Industrial Markets for Charter, Mark George, as they discuss real-life customer scenarios and offer practical advice on moving beyond spreadsheets.

"[Spreadsheets] provide immense value. They certainly are very powerful for doing add-hock analysis on data that fits well into a row-or-column structure. It turns out, though, that eighty percent of the world’s data doesn't actually fit into a nice row-and-column structure. It's very unstructured. So, it could be emails, it could be audio files, it could be video, it could be pictures. 80% of the world’s data is in that format. …There’s immense business value that can be extracted from that. And the tools today make it very easy to go and start to do that.” Wade Crick, Charter, Principal Business Architect

Listeners are welcome to explore with Charter and their guests, to learn about the latest technologies available and how they can help them become more forward-thinking and effective at work.

Those who like to read more about the subject can follow along with the corresponding transcript and visit the blog post about moving beyond spreadsheets; found on Charter’s website –

Our team of experts is available for consultations about this topic and discussions about how we can assist companies in keeping and using data best in their workplace.

Charter's belief in the integration of people, processes, and technology provides real value in transforming businesses while delivering on corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

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