Charter Announces Its Latest Podcast – Exploring Cybersecurity With Difenda

VICTORIA, BC — May 1, 2024 - Charter Telecom, an award-winning technology solutions integrator established in 1997 in Victoria, BC, Canada, announced today the release of the latest edition in its regular Charter Engage: Know IT podcast series, called “Exploring Cybersecurity with Difenda.” 

In today's digital age, ensuring business continuity after a cyberattack is not just a priority but a critical imperative, highlighting the universal need for a robust cybersecurity plan. 

Discover valuable lessons and case studies of companies defending themselves against cyber risk as well as pivotal strategies for rebooting operations post-cyber attack, with our partner, Difenda.

Hear from our guests, who deal with cybersecurity in the field every day, including Derek Nugent, the Vice President Revenue & Business Strategy for Difenda; and for Charter, our Security Practice Lead, Krisann McDonnell; Ronnie Scott, our Chief Technology Officer; and Mark George, the Vice President, Business Transformation & Prairies Market Leader, as they explore current cybersecurity practices and case studies relevant to businesses today. 

Themes explored in the podcast include the importance of Actionable Data and Visibility in the Microsoft Ecosystem; Developing a Cybersecurity Plan; Difenda’s Unique Approach in the Market; Starting Small with Discovery Sessions; Finding Gaps; Cybersecurity Best Practices; how Security is Business Centric; IT/OT Cybersecurity Services; Threat Prevention Innovation, and benefits of Charter working with Difenda.

“If people are exfiltrating data out of your organization, there’s lots of telltale signs that they’re exporting emails, or they’re forwarding emails to odd places. Who is looking at your logs to just see if bad behaviour is happening? And this is where these discovery sessions highlight these gaps that no one is thinking about. And then, we can apply the control and the tool to help you deal with it.” 

- Ronnie Scott, Charter, Chief Technology Officer 

Charter’s commitment as a reseller and solutions integrator in networking, IT, and security products, coupled with our comprehensive professional services, aims to empower organizations to navigate business transformation successfully by aligning people, processes, and technology for enhanced resilience and operational performance. This podcast series, our blogs, and webinars/ seminars are ways that we champion these messages every day. 

The podcast will appear on all top podcast platforms. It can be also accessed through this link [Approx. listen time: 40 minutes]:

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Charter is an award-winning technology solutions integrator established in 1997 in Victoria, BC, Canada. Our mission is to align people, process, and technologies to build better organizations, enhance communication, boost operational performance, and modernize businesses. Leveraging a design thinking methodology and a human-centered approach, our team of experts drives successful business transformation for clients. Charter offers a comprehensive range of IT, OT, and IoT products and professional services, including advisory and consulting, project management, and managed services, providing end-to-end solutions from planning and design to ongoing support and implementation. We extend knowledge and support beyond our clients’ businesses, empowering them to focus on core operations. Charter helps organizations generate new value, drive growth, and unlock opportunities, enabling faster and more effective market entry. Forward, Together with Charter, achieving your potential.

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