Public Utility Company

Our customer; a publicly owned electrical utility that operates as a business at arm’s length from the Territorial government. They are the main generator and transmitter of electrical energy for their region. They work with their parent company to provide their clientele with reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective power. Their goal was to refresh existing infrastructure to deliver at scale and increase resiliency at their remote stations without the requirement to increase their costs.

Project Objective

  • Addressing the business need of disaster recovery services
  • Provide ability to failover with little to no data loss
  • Provide application High availability

Project Solution

  • Technical Design and Deployment of a Disaster Recovery Location in a “warm State”
  • Cisco Hyper-converged solution for compute and storage
  • Vmware and Netapp technology leveraged
  • Wan designed to facilitate application failover and real-time data replication

Project Outcomes

  • Small hardware footprint with reduced power and cooling costs
  • Ability to orchestrate a failover remotely through application dashboards
  • Leveraged existing technology operations team was familiar with to increase the return on investment and reduce the total cost of ownership