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From Charter’s founding in 1997 we have
continued to be on the leading edge of the IT
networking business. To mark our success we invite
you to join CEO Paul Chandler and the Charter team
in this video as they tell Charter’s unique and
compelling story and explain the secret to
Charter’s staying power: Our Customers.

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Putting Technology To Work

Charter continues to stand out from the pack by understanding that business relationships are all about people. We provide our customers with outstanding service that is always focused on saving them time and money. We take a custom-made approach to every facet of network development. As technology changes, we promise to make sure our customers come out ahead by putting technology to work for you. 

Our two-stage approach to our customers’ network needs provides customers with a clear blueprint for everything we do:

1. Design & Develop

The real value of a high performance network to your organization lies in increasing your capabilities while saving you money. Charter understands that delays and downtime mean money to your organization. For a start, we ensure that you receive your network components on time.

2. Maintain & Enhance

Charter’s thorough solutions meet the demands of growing organizations, showing you the way to better communications. Charter’s professional engineers help your staff to keep up with the everyday management of your network, both tactically and strategically. We’ve always got your best interests in mind.


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